Sunday, March 28, 2010

Choose your vibe...

I got the opportunity to illuminate the Old Red Courthouse in November 09 with a great team. Becca and Kerrie with A Stylish Soiree executed the floral and overall design of the room, Andy Austin was the DJ for the evening, and we were stoked to be involved with the wedding reception lighting details.

I always shoot a lot of pictures of our work after the room is complete but before the guests have entered. I sometimes allow the color-changing LED lights to cycle between colors so that I can capture a variety of vibes to view later...which leads me to the main point of this blog entry

What color should you choose as the primary hue for your wedding reception? The answer is...whatever works best...and it's different for every reception and every overall decor design.

The honest truth is that you really can't say for certain what will work best until you see it. If I can educate my clients on the best way to achieve a glorious final product it would be to say; thoroughly discuss your vision with your designer and then give him or her the freedom to make adjustments in the moment. I've seen receptions where a deep red would never work...and I've seen some where it was the only color that seemed worked. It's a good idea to remain flexible on the color for your room and allow your design team to work together and find a hue that supports the overall design.

Go big or go home!
~ Colby