Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trim and Trick

You can visualize the dramatic difference in what we do for our clients. We guarantee a blowout event...and we're very well known for it. The problem is that most couples just can't afford the type of production we execute every weekend because their budget is spread so thin across so many other items (food, flowers, favors, etc.) This is where our new initiative called Trim and Trick comes into play. Trim and Trick is our new package offering that allows couples on a modest budget (less than $20k), to have a platinum wedding type of entertainment execution.

The concept is simple...Trim down your spending in other areas to Trick out your reception. Trimming down your spending in other areas does not mean that you sacrifice a thing with regards to your guest experience...it actually infers just the opposite. Of the flip side, Tricking out your reception doesn't always infer amazing lighting decor, but rather spending quality time with a seasoned professional who will help take your vision to the next level. With T&T we encourage you to spend your money on the items that will allow you to have a truly epic entertainment experience.

One of the biggest items we advise our clients to trim is the food...a radically new concept as many of our clients wouldn't think of skipping this traditional item. We will guide you through the T&T process of planning the agenda for the evening (which usually begins later and ends later), establishing an overall theme and vision, what items to trim down (and often completely cut out)...and lastly, how to present it to your guests with your invitiations. It's also important to note that T&T works very well in some venues and not so well in others...so venue choice is an important step in this process.

The end result is an epic wedding celebration that your guests will describe as the "best wedding reception they have ever attended"...for a price that fits your budget.