Monday, April 25, 2011

My daughter is only 3, but I can only imagine the emotion and pride that you feel when you walk down the aisle with your little princess...she looks at you to give her away...and she's now under the care of another man. I'm going to be a wreck! The celebration that follows will be an epic one.

One of my main goals as an entertainment director for weddings is to go above and beyond for the bride and groom and their vision. Similarly, the parents' wishes and expectations are just as important...and arguably even more important given their years of sacrifice and selfless parenting. I can only hope to arrive at a wedding day as special as Lindsey and Bill did on 4/9/11 at Union Station after their Preston Hollow ceremony.

Thank you, Jack and Marilyn, for trusting me with Lindsey's wedding day. You are both model parents!