Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to Ryan & Laura!

Dear Colby,
I wanted to say thanks again for all your work at the reception. You did an awesome job with the music and the flow of the whole event. I honestly wasn't really expecting to have much fun at the reception because I've heard so many married couples say that all they did was play host at their receptions. Luckily Laura and I followed peoples' advice and tried to finish all the meet-and-greet stuff during the dinner hour so we could enjoy ourselves afterwards. During the honeymoon, Laura and I kept talking about how we both had an absolute blast at the reception, and how you kept the pace of the music and dancing absolutely perfect for those last ~2 hours, walking that delicate line of not being upbeat enough to keep everyone going, but not going overboard too quickly and then everyone loses interest. I saw way more people out on the dance floor than I figured there would be, and they were out there for a lot longer than I figured. A lot of my friends that I would've never pictured getting out on the dance floor were actually having a great time. We honestly received so many compliments that night and the next day about how great the music was and how much fun people had. Several people said that was the best wedding reception they'd ever been to, and a few of Laura's little sister's friends said that it was better than any of their homecomings or proms (although the open bar might've contributed to that). And the bride/groom FAQ was an awesome touch; that seemed to really draw everyone into the event, exactly like you said. It was just long enough to be fun and entertaining, but not too drawn out; again, perfect balance.

If you EVER need any type of reference or testimonial, whether written or in the form of a phone call, etc, please don't hesitate to let us know. I'd be happy to recommend your business to anyone. It's not until you've been to a wedding with a weak DJ/MC that you can truly appreciate how much difference a good one can make (and believe me, I saw probably the worst DJ in history at a wedding about 2 months ago). Thanks again for everything, let us know if you need anything in the future as far as testimonials or referrals.

Hope everything is going well, keep in touch.

Thanks, Laura & Ryan Ward